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  Realme c11

  Realme c11's Review

       The new Realme C11 comes as a solution to the problem of rising prices in the industry by Realme. This hand set costs Rs 7,499, and is located below the Realme C3, which was the company's most affordable entry-level phone till date. The budget end of the market, which is permanently squeezed in terms of margins and flexibility, is certainly the most affected by cost revisions. Even if your budget is less than 10,000 rupees, the difference of 500 rupees between the model and the variants may skew your decision.

The Realme C3 (review) was launched earlier this year for Rs 6,999, but after several changes later the price of the same unit has now risen to Rs 8,999. A similar Narzo 10A(review) was a step up to Rs 9,999 (review), but the price of Rs 8,499 announced in May has now gone up to Rs 8,999. This was caused confusion and also filled a gap at the bottom of the market.

It is unfortunate that you are not getting that much for your money now, but the past few years have seen such intense competition that the overall standard for the budget segment has grown significantly, and you are still able to get a good deal. May be Is Realme C11 the right phone at the right time? Read and check out detailed review of Realme C11.

Realme C11's price and specifications

At launch, Realme C11 has only one configuration, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and it will cost you Rs 7,499. Realme has used the new MediaTek Helio G35 SoC, known as the "mainstream gaming" solution. Apart from these main features, the C11 has a lot to offer with the C3 and Narzo 10A. You get a very similar 6.5-inch 720x1600-pixel HD + screen, and a 5000mAh battery.

The primary rear camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels, while its two siblings have 12 megapixels. This may sound like a minor improvement, but the aperture is down to f / 1.8 to f / 2.2, meaning it may not take as much light per exposure. The front camera is unchanged at 5 megapixels and f / 2.4.

It is a dual-sim device that supports VoLTE. It only supports single-band Wi-Fi, but has Bluetooth 5. You get all the common sensors including compass and gyroscope. Storage can be increased to 256GB by using a microSD card in the dedicated slot. One notable omission is that there is no fingerprint reader like the Realme C3.

Realme C11 Design

As far as budget phones are concerned, I think Realme C11 looks quite good. This has a lot in common with other budget Realme phones, and as always, you will not be able to easily tell them from the front view. The screen takes up almost the entire face of the phone, but has a fairly thick chin and a waterdrop notch at the top. My review unit had a pre-applied adhesive scratch protector that did not reach the corners of the screen.

You have a choice between Rich Green and Rich Gray, which are sufficiently neutral and neutral to suit everyone. At this price level, there are no glossy finishes or gradients. The body is made entirely of molded plastic, and the rear has a very subtle texture of wavy lines, except for a thick strip that runs vertically through the camera bump. I love the effect, and it helped hold up, but I also saw dust and grime particles stuck in the lines because I used the phone.

Realme has finally replaced the standard Obong camera module we've seen on many models, going for a square shape at the moment. There are only two cameras, so this was obviously done primarily for the genre, but it works. However, I am not a fan of the oversized Realme logo, and you don't find a case in the box with this phone to cover it.

The volume buttons are above the power button on the right, which is unusual for Realme. The company continues to use the micro-USB standard on its budget phones, and it is time to move on. The bottom also has a 3.5mm audio socket and a single speaker.

Weighing 196 grams and measuring 9.1 mm thick, the Realme C11 is relatively heavy. I found the use of one-handed a bit tricky, but the textured rear makes this phone easy to move around in the palm without worrying that it might slip. It does not look like an expensive phone, but the build quality is solid and I have no fault of build quality or finish. Although I would have preferred reinforced glass on the front.

Realme C11's OS and Software

Realme's software is generally problem-free, compared to what some other manufacturers load on phones, especially in the budget segment. I didn't bother with advertisements or annoying notifications, except for a few clickbait "news" articles pushed by the Realme UI browser. This browser is not required at all, given that Chrome is on the homescreen, but I cannot disable or uninstall it.

The review unit that Realme sent included some preloaded bloatware, including at least one app that is now banned in India. Realme clarified to Gadgets 360 that some batches of C11 were manufactured and packaged before the ban was announced. Although some early customers may also see these non-functional icons, the apps in question have since been removed from shipped units.

Other preinstalled apps include Doc Vault for your DigiLocker account, Realme Paisa for personal loans and insurance (which requires permission to constantly monitor your messages and location), Realme Link to manage various Realme accessories and offer after- Get sales service, Realme Store app to buy products, and Realme community for company updates and forums. Many of these apps have overlapping functions, but some can be uninstalled.

The Realme UI looks and behaves like a stock Android, and has some customizations including themes. Beyond the usual Android 10 features, you can change the icon grid density, adjust the icon style, and activate certain gestures to make it easier to use using the larger screen. Within the Settings app you will find options for split-screen multitasking, app cloning, game optimization, privacy protection and gestures. A clean touch is the ability to share your music with someone else using Bluetooth and a wired headset simultaneously.

Battery and Performance

Being an entry-level smartphone, Realme C11 lets you run whatever Android apps you like, but the experience may not always be great. Whenever I did simple things like waking up the phone from standby and dragging the app drawer or task switcher, I looked and felt some hesitation. There is not only noticeable lag between launch and multitasking between apps, but also when scrolling through photos in the gallery. It is disappointing that the usage experience was not smooth.

Benchmark scores showed that the combination of the Helio G35 SoC and 2GB of RAM is barely enough for an entry-level phone. There were scores around what we saw from Realme C2 and Redmi 7, which are now quite dated. I scored 104,616 in AnTuTu and Geekbench crashed despite repeated attempts to run it. The basic 3DMark Sling Shot graphics test managed only 844 points, and GFXBench's T-Rex test also managed to run at only 33fps.

If you are looking forward to running current day games, you will need a higher budget. PUBG Mobile defaulted to its lowest graphics setting but was still choppy, with lots of glitches and textures popping in. Even the menu had gaps. The PUBG mobile light was smooth though. Asphalt 9: Legends also took some time to load, and there was stutter during the race. The gaming experience overall was not very good, but at least the phone did not heat up at all.

Given the price of this phone, the screen is quite good. The colors are reasonably porous and the viewing angles are more than adequate. The videos look fine, but the speaker is not all that good. The music sounded sharp and harsh, and I found that the dialogue was also obsolete in many instances.

On the other hand, battery life is excellent. The low-end processor, coupled with a 5000mAh battery, gave 28 hours, 25 minutes to our HD video loop battery test. With everyday use, incorporating a lot of audio and video streaming, some camera usage, and a little gaming, I was able to make the C11 a day and a half before I needed to plug in for charging.

Camera and Image Quality

My expectations have to be clearly checked when reviewing low cost phones. There are a few modes and options like Panorama, Time Lapse and Slow-Mo, and Realme claims that the C11's Night Mode is the first for this price segment. As with everything on this phone, the camera app does not load very fast which can make it harder to take smooth shots.

Photo quality is somewhat disappointing, though once again we have to consider the price point that Realme has achieved. The color and texture is not well presented, and detail in fine objects is definitely lost. Flowers and leaves did not always look natural, and we also saw how C11 can cope with exposure when there are clear highlights and shadows in a single frame.

The portrait shots had a nicely blurred background, but the exposure was poor. There is no way to adjust the blur before or after taking a shot. Some of the close-ups we took turned out amazingly well. Overall, the photos look quite good on the phone screen and you can enlarge and crop a little bit, but you can easily see the flaws on a 100 percent scale.

When it comes to low light shots, the Realme C11 really struggles. Many of our samples were highly spurious, although nothing was acceptable. The phone had trouble locking focus and we have to tap the screen again after any movement.

Night mode made a big change, but surprisingly, not always for the better. The phone still did not have trouble focusing, and the results are a bit cramped, so you have to concentrate on the frame composition. Night mode shots had better contrast and brighter parts of the frame were sharper. On the other hand, details were often lost in dark areas, and moreover, noise was even worse. You may find the night shot more useful without night mode.

The video is recorded at 1080p by default. It's not too bad, but the colors are definitely not very vibrant and the details are just average. Any motion, even slow panning, caused fluctuations and exposure to some odd artifacts while recording the video. Stabilization is completely non-existent. Footage shot at night is useless unless your subject has a direct source of artificial light. The front camera takes very good shots during the day but not at night, even in a nice room.

Should you upgrade to it or not?

After a long period of discounts and price wars among smartphone manufacturers, we are seeing that costs are rising throughout the industry. A few weeks after launch, the prices of many models have gone up, which of course means that a lot of calculations and comparisons have to be redone before deciding to buy. It is without doubt that Realme C11 is more expensive and less powerful than Realme C3 and Narzo 10A was at the time of their launch.

We would have liked better performance, and it's clear that 2GB of RAM is insufficient - in particular this means that an update to the full Android 11 experience would be impossible. Usage is not comfortable with C11, but you'll be able to run most apps you need. The camera is inconspicuous, but serviceable.

In terms of today's new reality, it is still a decent entry-level phone. However, if you can spend a little more and pick up the Realme Narzo 10A instead, you will get a better experience. In addition, you can wait for Xiaomi's upcoming Redmi 9 series, or consider the recently launched budget models of Samsung, Infinix and Honor.

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